Friday, July 17, 2009

free bibliochaise and bibliopouf


Read about manual proxy

TIP: First go to this site below and fill it in, then set your proxy and then press submit! :) That’s one site less to load with a proxy xP

Don’t forget to check off the proxy afterwards!

1. Go find your user ID (My account -> tab ‘account settings’)

2. Copy the following link in your url bar (don’t press enter yet!!)

3. At the end of the link paste/type your User ID

4. Go to that site

5. Answer at least 3 questions! :) Or not xP


Q1: 2) The Diary of Anne Frank

Q2: 1) Teddy

Q3: 3) To appear on Britain’s Got Talent

Q4: 1) Her Mum’s Burberry purse

Q5: 3) Edinburgh

Q6: 2) Brunette with blonde highlights

Q7: 1) Mr Peakes, the butler

Q8: 1) A unicorn

Q9: 3) A wedding

Q10: 1) Lobsters

(I hope the answers are correct xP I just did them quickly :P If anyone finds a different answer, let me know! :) )

6. Fill in fake info!

7. Press Submit!

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