Friday, August 14, 2009

psp t-shirt

-go to

-copy & paste into the URL bar,

-log in & get your t-shirt


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

free bag

1. log in in stardoll
2. set your proxy with port 80 (how?)
3. go to
4. Watch the complete clip!! It’s 2 min and 29 sec long

Monday, August 10, 2009

The last item from the hanna montana club

just follow the previos instructions here and watch clip number 4

Friday, August 7, 2009

FREE Harumika Mannequin

1. go to my
2. type
3. log in
4. click on pick of the day

Free PSP and guitar!

- go to (or if you have trouble with myproxy!)

- go here

- Log in to stardoll!

& thats it! you get the PSP & guitar!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Sonnys chance shirt and vest

Hi if you want to get sonnys chance shirt and vest follow this steps:

1. you have to configurate this proxy: port 80 (learn how to do this)
2. go

3. look for this and choose a friend then press ok

4. do the same with 5 friends until it says 0 kvar

5. check no proxy and enjoy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hanna montana club

go to my previous post Here

Remember to go to the club and watch clip 1,2 and 3 to get all the items!!
the items are:
gold jacket
flower print top
heart belt
sparkling top
glitter belt

About manual proxy

in tis entry i want to tell you how to use manual proxy.

Always log on stardoll before you change your proxy
UK proxy

For IE
Tools–>Internet Options—>Connections—>LAN Settings—>check the 'use proxy' box
proxys: port 80 port 80

For firefox
Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Check the Manual box
proxys: port 80 port 3124 port 80 port 80 port 80

If one adress doesn't work try another one!

Remember when you are done go back and click 'no proxy' or uncheck the proxy box.

free dog,bowl and house

Club link:

You will need a UK manual proxy. Read About manual proxy

Now to get to the free dog and house :)

Dog House:

The dog:

THESE LINKS AREN’T COMPLETE! After “userid=” paste your Stardoll userID! (Find it at ‘My account’ -> tab ‘account settings’)


!! For the house you’ll need to upload a picture or video. After you uploaded it, they will ask for your name, email and so on, but you can use FAKE INFO!

!! For the dog, you need to download a game. BUT I press ‘cancel’ when they ask to install ‘Adobe Air’, from that point you’ll have it in your suite, so no need to download anything! Unless if you want of course xP

Friday, July 31, 2009

free guitar (new one)

There Is A New Free Bandslam Guitar

Here’s How To Get It:

1. Go To

2. Type In

3. Log In

4. got it!

for tinkerbell10119 how to get hanna montana stuff

1. log in on stardoll
2. if you are using firefox:
Extra -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Check the Manual box -> insert the proxy and port -> Click save.
the proxy and port that i use : port: 80
3. go to
4. join the club
5. watch clip 1 2 and 3 to get ALL the clothes
6. go back and check no proxy.

it's a little slow but it works XOXO

Friday, July 17, 2009

free mannequin

1. Go to,, or any other US or Canadian proxy server

2. Enter in the url bar and press enter

3. log into Stardoll

4. Click the pick of the day (even though you can’t see the picture, you can click on the link!)


free guitar and dolls

1. Go to or any other US or Canadian proxy server.

2. Enter in the url bar of the proxy server and press enter.

3. Log in

4. You’ll have the items in your suite! (The video doesn’t have to play)


free bibliochaise and bibliopouf


Read about manual proxy

TIP: First go to this site below and fill it in, then set your proxy and then press submit! :) That’s one site less to load with a proxy xP

Don’t forget to check off the proxy afterwards!

1. Go find your user ID (My account -> tab ‘account settings’)

2. Copy the following link in your url bar (don’t press enter yet!!)

3. At the end of the link paste/type your User ID

4. Go to that site

5. Answer at least 3 questions! :) Or not xP


Q1: 2) The Diary of Anne Frank

Q2: 1) Teddy

Q3: 3) To appear on Britain’s Got Talent

Q4: 1) Her Mum’s Burberry purse

Q5: 3) Edinburgh

Q6: 2) Brunette with blonde highlights

Q7: 1) Mr Peakes, the butler

Q8: 1) A unicorn

Q9: 3) A wedding

Q10: 1) Lobsters

(I hope the answers are correct xP I just did them quickly :P If anyone finds a different answer, let me know! :) )

6. Fill in fake info!

7. Press Submit!

Thursday, July 16, 2009





I do makeups



Saturday, July 11, 2009

hannah monatana club en español!

Paso uno:
primero entra a tu cuenta de stardoll


para Internet Explorer:
herramientas(esto lo encuentras en la barra de menú)–>opciones de internet—>Conecciones—>configuracion de LAN
donde dice servidor proxy as clic en esa casilla para que se active la barra donde puedes poner los numero siguientes: en direccion y 80 en puerto

para Firefox:

herramientas -> Opciones -> Avanzado -> red-> configuración -> click en configuracion manual del proxy -> insertar algunos de los siguientes numero: y puerto: 80

o y puerto: 80

si alguno de estoys proxy no te sirve busca en google 'free proxy list' y busca uno del united kingdom
has clic en aceptar.


paso 2

ve a

y unete al club
este paso puede demorarse mucho tiempo y si no te sirve una vez intenta varias veces.

paso 3:

vuelve a las configuraciones del proxy y marca sin proxy.

si tienes alguna pregunta o duda dejame un mensaje a stardoll o aqui

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hannah montana club


First log into Stardoll, so you don’t have to do this with proxy.

1. Read about manual proxy and choose a Uk proxy



Go to

and join :)

make sure you watch clip 1, 2 and 3



Go back to proxy settings and check ‘no proxy’!!

it could take a while!!!

New starpoints gifts for superstar

this seems new but only for superstar!